Lake Garda, Italy

I've just been on holiday to Lake Garda and even though I'm tempted to say the week flew by, I crammed so much into the trip that by the end, my first couple of days seemed like a lifetime ago. 

Lake Garda is truly beautiful, as of course any photograph would suggest. However this part of Italy exceeded my expectations in every way. The scale, the purity and extreme beauty surpasses anything I've seen before, and I'm certain, despite being pleased with the photos, that my camera didn't do the landscape justice - it really is a wonderful place that I would recommend and hope one day to return too. 

I do, at times, resent being at my desk. I itch to move around, see something new and disrupt my day-to-day routine. So even though it was only a week, exploring Lake Garda was the perfect getaway. I'm not a lie-on-the-beach type of girl, I love to walk and explore, which is something I did plenty of on this trip - the little towns and harbours all have their own unique charm and are a pleasure to stroll around, especially on market day. Food stalls were in abundance which is a true reflection of how the locals shop - getting groceries, meat, fish, bread and cheese from markets and individual sellers. This mentality is something I feel we sadly lack in Britain where supermarkets are far to dominant. The food in Italy was local, fresh, and tasted fantastic.

I spent a couple of days getting above water level, and went up into the hills of Bolzano and Renon, where the majority of people speak German, the architecture is gothic and the view of the Dolomites is breathtaking. It was so quiet, and the air was so clear which was a pleasing contrast to London. Towards the end of the week I took the cable car at the foot of Malcesine up 1800 feet to Monte Baldo - the temperature fell and the intensity of the views grew as the cable car climbed. At the top I looked forward onto sun drenched mountains, but behind, covered in cloud that couldn't escape, was Lake Garda, showcasing it's impressive scale. 

Now I'm back, and happily writing this post from the Cotswolds, as I spend a weekend with my family before returning to London. Travelling is something I'm determined to do more of and am looking forward to planning my next trip.

The photos in this post were taken on the iPhone 6 as I didn't fancy lugging my 5D around all week. I've been so impressed with this camera, and also took a few videos which I have put together to create a short film in iMovie - nothing fancy, but it was fun to make. Music by Beck